Partials are a removable appliance used to replace missing teeth.  

We offer three types of removable partials.

The first is a very strong and durable cast metal framework partials. A more economical partial is made out of acrylic (plastic).

Acrylic partials may look very good but are not designed for firm chewing or support. They may or may not have metal clasps for retention.

The third type is called a Valplast partial (metal-free). Valplast is designed with no metal for patients wishing to avoid metals. It is not as strong as a cast partial but stronger than an acrylic partial. The clasps or support on the Valplast partial are metal free.

Our office also offers Full Denture Appliances and implant retained Full Denture Appliances.

A standard Denture is removable or the newest type of Denture is firmly supported by 4 implants and firmly attached to those implants. They are called Implant Supported Dentures and are for those patients with severe retention issues or for those patients who desire a very firm fit of their new denture.

Dentures may be placed at the same appointment of the recommended removal of infected or broken teeth. This is called an 'Immediate Denture' as it is placed immediately after the removal of infected teeth. The Denture is fabricated before the procedure.

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