Metal Free Dentistry

A certain percent of the population is either allergic (a damaging immune response by a substance) to or hypersensitive (intolerant) to metals including the metals mercury and nickel often used in dentistry.

Many dental restorative products (fillings, bridges, the understructure of crowns and partial dentures) contain these metals.

If an individual is allergic or hypersensitive to metals, and they are present in existing fillings or crowns or are newly used for dental procedures, then they may cause an undesirable reaction.

Health care workers and the general population alike under diagnose metal allergies.

The allergy or hypersensitivity to metal may present the following symptoms; unusual sensations in oral tissue such as burning or tingling, headaches or unknown causes, gum tissue irritation and recession, constant or near constant metallic taste, intra oral numbness, intra oral soreness or ulcers of unknown cause and long duration and general physiologic disorder of unknown cause.

One of our patients reported a "buzz" or constant irritation for years until she was diagnosed and treated.

Dr. Belsky has trained to help recognize metal allergy and hypersensitivity reactions in dental patients.

He is also trained to successful treat those patients.

Often consultation with other health care providers is recommended due to the complex nature of allergies and hypersensitivity's.

For more information call our office and schedule an examination appointment.

You can also research Dental Metal Allergies on line. One online web page is DAMS (Dental Amalgam mercury solutions). Their address is: or call them at 651-644-4572.

We look forward to helping you. Dr. Belsky recommends other dental non-metallic and more biologically acceptable materials for those who are allergic or hypersensitive.

For those allergic to metals we highly recommend all porcelain metal free crowns for any patient that requires crowns. Most typical white porcelain crowns have a base metal under the porcelain. Some patients react to the base metal under their porcelain crowns with local irritation, metal tastes, and some have systemic reactions too. The base metal is often Nickel based white metal. Some studies show that 36% of the population tested is actually allergic to Nickel.

We use only metal free crowns and have found no tissue, systemic or oral reaction to these metal free crowns.

Valplast partials (a flexible metal free and acrylic free partial that moves with you naturally) are used to replace missing teeth when crowns or bridges can not be used.

These partials (removable partial dentures) are metal free and resin free. Some hypersensitive patients may react to the metals used in a standard partial or the acrylic (plastic). In these cases, Valplast partials are an excellent alternative if a partial is recommended and desired by the patient.

For patients that are seeking a non-metallic and non-mercury containing filling, we offer White Composite fillings. White composite fillings are recommended when fillings are needed for individuals suspected of having dental metal allergies.

We look forward to helping you.

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